Aims and Values

Leek Education Partnership

Leek Education Partnership (LEP)

Future Partnership Working To Transform Educational Provision

Our aim is to achieve better outcomes for all young people by:

  • Raising standards of achievement by focussing on the core business of learning and teaching
  • Delivering a skills based curriculum that is tailored to individual learning needs
  • Promoting the spiritual, moral, social, emotional and cultural development of every learner
  • Working together to maximise the power of mutual collaboration an support
  • Sharing resources, staff, areas of expertise and facilities to achieve economies of scale
  • Developing highly effective leadership at all levels and pooling strategic capacity

Our values:

We will…

  • Be non selective and operate a truly comprehensive admissions system
  • Build our partnership on mutual respect and trust
  • Encourage a climate of openness and honesty
  • Seek to engage effectively and inclusively with our local communities
  • Welcome and support innovation
  • Have high expectations of all young people and one another
  • Recognise that effective partnership working is the responsibility of all to sustain and nurture, and is not reliant upon individuals
  • Seek to recognise the distinctive ethos and celebrate the traditions of Community and Church Schools