Leadership Culture



There are eight leadership actions that we will to develop further in order to address this issue within our family of schools – we need disciplined imagination.

  1. We will share and discuss information about local needs and politics and listen to external partners about their priorities.

  2. We will get commitment, in a vision of the ethos of the federation, from all stakeholders.

  3. We will shape the federation’s culture and ethos around children’s needs. We will seek to recruit staff that reflect our belief that all young people can learn with appropriate support.

  4. We will continue to distribute leadership, spread responsibility and foster positive relationships; we will continue to find increased opportunities for students, parents and staff to lead. Our culture will create a climate where staff can take risks, with support.

  5. We will manage the inevitable workforce restructuring with a clear understanding of staff expertise – and capacity.

  6. We will continue to give priority to the professional development of all staff. We must grow talent from existing staff creating career development opportunities for all staff to help them take on greater responsibilities. Distributed leadership and team building are powerful forms of CPD.

  7. We will continue to manage external relations. The federation will continue to communicate a consistent message about our purpose, values and successes to all stakeholders, and seek to use the media at all levels – local, regional, national.

  8. Our planning will continue to be for the long term. We will maximise external funding in planning for the long term AND the immediate future. We will continue to consolidate links with the Leek Education Partnership.