Churnet View Middle School


Churnet View Middle School has a history of being graded as either ‘Outstanding’ or ‘good with outstanding leadership’ under the current Headteacher, Julia Turner. Its Ofsted reports make frequent reference to the capacity of the school to improve further and to work with other schools that are in challenging circumstances.

Ofsted Inspection Report – December 2001 – Churnet View Middle School

The Acting Headteacher provides very good leadership and many of the improvements that have occurred recently have taken place under her direction.  She has been the catalyst that has ensured that staff and governors now work together with a clear, shared sense of direction that is firmly based on raising pupils’ academic standards whilst maintaining the importance of pupils’ personal development.

Ofsted Inspection Report 2007 – Churnet View Middle School

The Headteacher’s and senior staff’s leadership of the school are outstanding.  The Headteacher’s exceptionally effective leadership has been key in sustaining the rapid improvements of the school.

Ofsted Inspection Report 2008 – Ryecroft Middle School (Julia Turner was Acting Headteacher)

The acting Headteacher is vigorous and dynamic, accurate in assessment of the school’s performance and fully committed to on-going improvement.  She has made a substantial difference in a short time, but is realistic in her recognition that there is more to do.

The acting Headteacher is providing clear vision and direction for the work of the school.  She is energetic, passionate about the school, and totally committed to providing the best for its pupils.  In a short time, she has quickly identified the areas for improvement and begun a vigorous drive for improvement.  Her evaluation is accurate in terms of what needs to be tackled.  In particular, she is very clear about the priority to raise standards and achievement and improve the overall quality of teaching and learning.  Her energy and enthusiasm have already made considerable impact on the morale of the staff team.  Staff have galvanised their efforts and put renewed energy into improving the outcomes for pupils.

Although the acting Headteacher’s leadership is excellent and moving the school forward, there is a significant amount still to do.

Ofsted Inspection Report- 2010

The Headteacher sets very high standards for the quality of education and care provided for the pupils.  Her strong leadership secures the full commitment of all staff in meeting these standards.  The Headteacher provides many opportunities for staff at all levels to develop leadership skills.

Ofsted Inspection Report- April 2013

All groups of students make good and sometimes outstanding progress from their low starting points.  They are excited by their learning and keen to do well.  The inspirational Headteacher is passionate about driving improvements.  She commands a high level of respect from students and parents.  Her highly committed and supportive senior leadership team share her vision and work unstintingly to move all teachers’ practice to outstanding.”

Leadership and management of the school is outstanding.