Westwood College


Ofsted Inspection Report – 2007

Westwood College is an outstandingly effective school.  The headteacher’s belief in the importance of inclusion is exceptionally strong; he communicates this clearly to the whole college community and it permeates all that he does.

The college’s senior leadership team is characterised by its clear and coherent understanding of the college’s successes and its drive to make outcomes for the students even better.  Each member of the senior team has a clearly defined role. The line management system is a particular strength; this has greatly increased the level of accountability for middle leaders.

Ofsted Inspection Report  – 2008

The impact of the new model of leadership on the quality of leadership and management throughout the college is outstanding.

The impact of the model of leadership on the quality of the college’s curriculum is outstanding.

The impact of the new model of leadership on inclusion in the college is outstanding.

The overall effectiveness of the model of leadership, a federation with another comprehensive school, is outstanding.

Ofsted Inspection Report – 2012

Leaders and managers communicate high expectations and ambition for the college’s future development. The college has been acknowledged as a beacon of good practice and in recognition of this the executive principal has worked with a number of other schools to improve their performance

The work of the college is monitored and evaluated rigorously; this enables leaders and managers to hold staff to account and sustain improvements in teaching and learning.

The leadership and management of the college are good. The executive principal and his committed team have a clear vision for the college’s future and are fully supported by all staff. The management of teachers’ performance is strong and there is a good balance between support and challenge.